AT Registration Process

With the passing of HB 3152 on March 13, 2010 athletic trainers in the state of WV are regulated through a registration process.  Link to passed legislation:

The West Virginia Board of Physical Therapy has been appointed to provide registration for all Athletic Trainers working within the state of West Virginia. Beginning July 1, 2011, all Athletic Trainers will be required to register with the board and obtain a registration certificate in order to practice within the state.

Requirements Include

  • Completed Application with $25 application fee - will need to be mailed to our office.

  • Fees for registration - $100 mailed with application - $125 total payment can be combined. We not accept personal checks or cash; form of payment must be a money order, company check, or cashier check.

  • BOC Verification -from BOC to be mailed directly to our board.

  • Verification of Licensure, Certification or Registration from other jurisdictions that you are or have been licensed or registered as an athletic trainer. These verifications must be mailed directly from the jurisdictions (we will not accept a copy).

To access the application and more detailed information about the registration process please visit the WV PT Board webpage at: