• Annual Sports Medicine Conference

    Friday and Saturday, March 6 & 7, 2015

    Days Hotel
    Flatwoods Conference Center
    Flatwoods, WV

    Meeting will be hosted by the Marshall University Athletic Training program.

    Annual Sports Medicine Conference
  • West Virginia Athletic Trainers Association
  • Safe Sports School Recipients Honored

    The WVATA recognized four local high schools for receiving the NATA Safe Sports School Award, at Spring Mills High School, in Martinsburg, West Virginia.  Congratulations to all the recipients! 

    To see more photos from this event, click here.

    Safe Sports School Recipients Honored
  • Want to help promote AT in WV?

    Take Your Legislator to Work Day

    Contact your local West Virginia senators and delegates to invite them to join you at work for a game/practice. Educate them on the importance of advancing our profession and allow them to see firsthand what we do as Athletic Trainers. To find your local legislator click here, and help progress athletic training in the state of West Virginia!

    Help promote AT in WV
The objective of the WVATA is to provide a mechanism whereby professionals can work to improve the field of athletic training and the quality of health care given to athletes and the physically active in the State of West Virginia.

"I suffered a potential career-ending injury shortly into my senior year, requiring several amount of hardware placed into my ankle to stabilize. Thanks to the aggressive rehab and conditioning under the direction of my athletic trainers I was able to return for the last third of the season and had two career games in that stretch, creating for me memories I will cherish forever."–Men's Basketball Student-Athlete

"As an athlete it is highly important to have the right health care professionals by your side. Athletes need professionals in all aspects, including injury prevention, return-to-play heath, and also with our pre-injury fitness.  With their high spirited attitudes and their knowledge of injuries and treatments, it truly made my return to play more tolerable and greatly decreased the time I was not participating. Athletic trainers are the behind-the-scenes hero."–Women's Soccer Player

"Athletic Trainers help athletes out in every aspect of their sport, although we sometimes overlook their importance. They should be pushed to the front lines and no longer should be placed behind the scenes. Many of them do a lot more than what is expected and I'm so glad to have one by my side, helping me though out my injuries and throughout my season."–Women's Soccer Player

"I have a wonderful athletic trainer who, without her, it would be hard to continue in my physically demanding sport. She always makes sure that my body is prepared properly for practice every day. She plays a huge role in why I continue with sports at a college level."  –Acrobatics and Tumbling Athlete

"My personal experience with the an Athletic Training Program was great. They helped with recovering from muscle soreness in preseason to minor injuries during season. The Athletic Training Staff were always very professional and helped in any way they could to prepare me for games.  All in all, without the assistance I received from the athletic trainers it would have been hard to play day in and day out without receiving treatment."  –Men's Soccer Player

"Our Athletic Trainer helped me out tremendously.  During a football game, I severely twisted my ankle and did not want to leave the game.  Our Athletic Trainer was able to prevent my ankle from becoming worse and swelling more.  The following week he put me through rehab and prevention so I was able to play in the next game.  Athletic Trainers are pretty much on site doctors and are great!"  –Student Athlete

"The site of our daughter walking to the bench with blood and cuts over her eye was scary and heartbreaking for my wife and I.  The Athletic Trainer quickly responded with the utmost care and immediate treatment.  As parents, we witnessed firsthand the importance of having a Certified Athletic Trainer on site for these situations.  The immediate care our daughter received was critical and resulted in her not have any long term damage to her eye."   –Student Athlete's Parent

Safe Sports School

The National Athletic Trainers' Association continues to champion young athletes by launching the first-ever Safe Sports School award program. Created to recognize secondary schools around the country that provide safe environments for student athletes, the initiative reinforces the importance of providing the best level of care, injury prevention and treatment.

Quiz Bowl Champs

2014 WVATA Quiz Bowl Champions.  Raquel Hill-Spranger, Paige Leaver, Jeremy Bowman, and Jaimee Stanley.